Trading Types

  • Limit Order (available)

  • Market Order (available)

  • Stop Market

  • Stop Limit

  • Trailing Stop

  • Take Profit

  • Take Profit Limit

Trading Pairs

We plan to go live with a small number of pairs, with the potential of hundreds being eventually available.

Self Trade

At ZKEX, a "Self Trade" is identified when the creator (maker) and the receiver (taker) of the order are the same address. In such instances, ZKEX refrains from pushing the transaction to Layer 2, thereby not incurring any transaction fees.

The implementation of this feature is aimed at ensuring the fairness and transparency of transactions. Since a self-trade does not lead to any actual change in user assets, we opt not to process it to prevent potential market manipulation and unnecessary network congestion.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that ZKEX only levies fees on genuinely effective transactions, a measure designed to maintain and enhance the overall health and stability of the trading environment.

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