Please note, all fees below are estimated, and subject to change.

No activation fee

There is no charge or fee to activate your L2 account on ZKEX.

No deposit fees

There are no fees for depositing money - but you may need to pay a 'gas fee' to the blockchain you're sending assets from.

Gas fees

The 'gas fee' is a charge from the L1 chain when you move funds to/from L1 (on-chain) <> L2 (off-chain), which can vary depending on network congestion.
There are no gas fees once you are trading on L2.

Trading fees

Our fee structure is as follows:

  • The basic fee rate is set at 0.2% for taker orders and 0.1% for maker orders.
  • If the anticipated fee for an individual order falls below 0.2U, the fee will be standardized to 0.2U. In such instances, the effective fee rate will be calculated as 0.2 divided by the Order Amount.

Why do we impose a minimum fee of 0.2U?

To guarantee the security of all assets and to maintain trading fairness on our DEX, it’s necessary to record all assets and transaction data on the blockchain after zero-knowledge proofs are implemented. This process generates specific costs. Thus, we aim to fairly distribute these costs across each order. Once a user’s transaction value reaches 100U (or 200U for makers), the actual fee rate reverts to the base fee rate, which is 0.2% for takers and 0.1% for makers. These rates align with the fees charged by major centralized exchanges, while providing our users with the level of asset security that centralized exchanges are unable to offer.

Withdraw fees

Fees associated with the withdrawal vary by the destination network and token used:
  • Regular withdrawal - TBC
  • Fast withdrawal - TBC